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Harness the power of electric assistance in every ride, making your journies easier and more comfortable. Steep hills and long distance all day riding is made a breeze thanks to bike batteries and bike motors giving you pedal assistance along the way. Our electric commuter bikes use only premium batteries and motors, so you get long lasting functionality and riding enjoyment.

You’ll also find a range of electric bikes that use step through frames, making getting on and off that much easier and faster. In a rush to get into the work office? Need to get your deliveries done asap? These step through bikes make it effortless, even if you’re wearing a suit or dress.

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And you won’t have to worry about the weight of these electric commuter bikes either. With clever design and construction, our electric commuter bikes are some of the lightest available in Australia. This means you can ride through city streets and traffic with ease in a more responsive and agile bike. And making deliveries or daily commuting to catch public transport is smooth without having to struggle with a heavy and cumbersome bike.

We also have a range of electric commuter bikes that come with strong rear racks with carrying capacity of up to 25kg. Strap on heavier cargo with confidence and ride on with the power of high total load capacities thanks to powerful motors and batteries. Trust Sunmono e commuter bikes to carry more food deliveries at once or the equipment you need for work in complete comfort.

Experience maximum safety and easy riding with amped up, powerful motors and hydraulic disc brakes. Need to get up to speed and keep up with traffic? No problem! Traffic lights suddenly turn red? Easy! Our bikes are designed to make every city ride stress free and safe for you and everyone around you.

So whether you’re on the hunt for a bike to arrive at work faster or one for food deliveries, our electric commuter bikes have got you covered. Browse our wide range and choose your perfect e bike today!


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    E-Mono  20" Electric BMX (Model 20C088)
    E-Mono  20" Electric BMX (Model 20C088)
    E-Mono 20" Electric BMX (Model 20C088) $1,199

    Bring the fun back into freestyle riding with this electric BMX. Designed around a super-strong aluminium-alloy frame. This bike has all the strength and agility of a conventional BMX frame but with the added flexibility of a lightweight 200w brushless rear drive motor.

    Along with its agility, the bike is comfortable to ride thanks to the integrated front suspension. This is connected to 20” wheels which allow easy riding over rough terrain and provide a soft landing for freestyle jumps. Riders also benefit from a comfortable padded leather seat which is designed to support long days in the saddle.

    The bike’s lightweight motor drives the rear wheels only and is controlled using a thumb throttle. This allows easy activation of the motor, without taking your hands off the handlebars. The motor provides 3-Level Pedal Assist which is great for powering up hills and allows riders to easily reach speeds of up to 25 km/h on the road.

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    The E-MONO APOLLO is a top-of-the-line step-through recreational mountain bike that sets a new standard for performance and versatility. With its modern “mixtie” frame, this bike delivers a perfect balance of strength, safety, and stability, making it suitable for riders of all heights.

    One of the most impressive features of the APOLLO is its incredibly lightweight design, making it one of the lightest EMTBs in its class, without sacrificing quality or durability. This amazing value is further enhanced by the bike’s ,  comfy lockout suspension forks and  a powerful 48V brushless motor that provides an unbeatable riding experience.

    But that’s not all – the APOLLO also boasts a massive 720 What-hour battery with premium Samsung cells, giving riders unparalleled range and endurance on even the toughest terrain. Whether you’re a casual rider or a serious mountain biker, the E-MONO APOLLO is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to take their riding experience to the next level.

    (Product Code: SE-26L01)

  • E-Mono ARES - Step Over Commuter $2,095
    • 48V HIGH TORQUE MOTOR 350w (PEAKS 500W)!

    The E-Mono ARES is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and performance. Its classic step-over frame and flat handlebar design offer a smooth and comfortable ride, while the standard mudguard and rear rack make it practical and versatile. Equipped with a powerful motor, a large capacity battery, lock-out front fork suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain, the ARES offers all the essential components for a safe and exciting ride. At just 22KG, this e-bike is lightweight and easy to handle, making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a long and effortless ride. Product Code: SE-70M001

  • E-Mono AURA - Step-Through 26" Urban Electric Bike $1,350
    • 36V – 468WH BATTERY

    The E-MONO AURA is the best value-for-money get-about-town e-bike. Its unisex design provides a relaxed and upright ride.

    The centre mounted battery provides better weight distribution and balance. With standard features such as cargo rack and mudguards, the AURA is also perfect for shopping or commuting. An optionally fitted child seat makes the run to school a breeze ! 

    Product Code SE-26L03.

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  • E-Mono AURA PLUS - 48V Step-Through 26" Urban Bike $1,895
    • 48V – 1008WH BATTERY
    • HI TORQUE – POWERFULL 500W Motor (PEAKS 750W)!

    The E-Mono AURA PLUS is a remarkably versatile and sturdy step-through E-bike designed to meet your daily needs. 

    Its large 1008WH, 48V battery makes it an ideal choice for food delivery, ensuring that you can complete your tasks without worrying about running out of battery. With standard features such as hydraulic brakes, cargo rack, and mudguards, the AURA PLUS is also perfect for shopping or commuting. With a child seat fitted, the run to school is now a breeze and you can avoid the traffic cues! 

    The AURA PLUS has been built with a focus on strength and safety, and its 21Ah battery system delivers extended performance. With all of these features, the AURA PLUS is undoubtedly the best value step-through E-bike in its class. Product Code: SE-26L03

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    E-Mono PEGASUS 48V - NEW ARRIVAL - 26" Step-Through
    E-Mono Troy MID-DRIVE - 500W - 48V 90Nm Powerhouse!
    E-Mono PEGASUS 48V - NEW ARRIVAL - 26" Step-Through $2,095
    • DUAL SUPPORT KICK STAND – great for deliveries or child seat!

    Introducing the E-MONO PEGASUS, our new urban design e-bike that can take you anywhere you want to go. With its rugged build and wide 26 x 2.125” puncture-resistant tires, this bike can handle any terrain. The 48V 15 AH fully integrated battery provides plenty of power for your ride.

    Equipped with a powerful hi-torque motor (peak 500W) and an assist throttle, the E-Mono PEGASUS makes take-offs easy and safe. This bike is ready to hit the road with standard lights, a strong 25kg rated cargo rack, and mudguards.

    Whether you’re a delivery rider, commuting to work, or just need a safe and high-performance step-through bike to get around town, the E-MONO PEGASUS is the right choice for you. Visit your nearest dealer today and take it for a ride!


  • E-Mono VEGA - 26" Step-Through (SE-26L002) $1,495

    The E-MONO VEGA is an electric urban bike designed around a super light aluminum-alloy step-through frame that makes it suitable for both male and female riders. The bike also has an excellent cargo-carrying capacity thanks to its rear-mounted rack.

    It is powered by a high torque 350w brushless motor that drives the rear wheel rotate, speeding it up to 25 km/h on public roads. The LCD Display controls the electric system mounted on the handlebar.


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Whether you’re navigating flat terrain or tackling steep hills, Sunmono makes every journey a breeze. Our electric bikes combine pedal power with powerful motors to help you conquer even the steepest inclines with ease. Whether you’re exploring a new city or you’re a seasoned local, investing in an electric bike will revolutionise your lifestyle.

Explore the city from every angle

Looking for electric bikes that are perfect for city living? Look no further than Sunmono! Our electric bikes are built to meet all your needs, whether you’re exploring the city or running errands.

With our electric drive systems, you can enjoy hours of use and explore every corner of the city with ease. Our cargo bikes are perfect for shopping trips, with plenty of space to store multiple bags and other items. And with our city bikes, you can discover your true potential and enjoy a comfortable ride every time.

Every bike in our city e-bike online collection is tailored for usability and functionality on city roads. There’s no learning curve necessary – if you can ride a bike, you can ride an electric bike too. And with our bikes, you can go green and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding public transport and petrol vehicles.

Choose Australian designed Sunmono for an electric bike that’s perfect for your city lifestyle.

Quality designed for commuting

Are you looking for a reliable bike for your daily commute? Look no further than Sunmono! Our electric bikes are designed to make your daily travels a breeze, whether you’re heading to the office or running errands around town.

With our electric bikes, you can easily navigate busy city traffic without any parking hassles. Our bikes are built to handle like a dream, making your commute smoother and more enjoyable than ever. And with a wide range of options to choose from, you can customize your bike to fit your specific needs and preferences.

At Sunmono, we understand the unique needs of city-goers, which is why our electric bikes are designed to meet the demands of busy urban environments. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable ride or a bike that can handle steep inclines, we’ve got you covered.

So why wait? Check out our series of electric bikes today and find the perfect bike for your daily commute. With Sunmono, you’ll enjoy a reliable, comfortable ride every time.

Need something different?

Not after something for the city life? If you love the idea of an e-bike that’s suited to your personal lifestyle, Sunmono has just the thing. Our comprehensive range of electric bikes include folding e-bikes designed for hybrid public transport commuting, as well as electric mountain bikes built to withstand any incline or surface for maximum enjoyment. Not sure which model you like the most? Then our e-bike rental service gives you the chance to try everything we have to offer. Shop online now or get in touch for your own personal ebike recommendation.

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