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Maximum Performance

Performance More Riding
Whether you're a competitive cyclist or just someone who enjoys pushing yourself to the limit, our performance bikes are the perfect choice. With their lightweight frames, powerful components, and aerodynamic designs, you can ride faster and longer than ever before.
5-Hour Charging

3A Charger

1 Single Charge Travel

60-100KM *depending on pas lvl


with Quality Brakes


The Perfect E-Bike

Whatever Your Needs Are
When choosing an electric bike, it's crucial to consider factors such as battery capacity, range, control, weight, and motor power. The ideal bike depends on your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a tailored fit for your riding requirements.
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    E-mountain bike
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    E-fat bike

For Easier & Faster Riding

Discover a range of lightweight electric bikes designed for an effortless and swift riding experience. These bikes are meticulously crafted to enhance agility, making them perfect for quick commutes, leisurely rides, and urban adventures.
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Customer 5 Stars Reviews

Matias Rodrigues
I have had two Cargo Ebike. They are very efficient and can carry good amount of weight. The motor is strong and the two batteries are useful for long distances rides. Also, I had a great experience regarding customer service as the staff answered to my concerns quickly and helped me how I needed. Thank you
David McDonald
Stoked with my cargo bike so far. After a long period of research I bought a cargo bike to get my kids to and from school. Ed is a good man to deal with at the Botany store. Friendly and no nonsense. I'd recommend the Sunmono cargo to anyone looking to move kids around.
Steve Rieck
I purchased E-mono’s Lightweight STEP-THRU Folding Bike SE-20F02 from the Rosebery store in Sydney. A brilliant folding e-bike that gave me a sense of safety while riding unlike some other brands I tested. It's strong, sturdy, compact, powerful and the battery lasted 70km on first charge, much more than the manufacturer recommendation. It was more powerful going up hills than other more expensive e-bikes ridden by my friends and it was several hundred dollars cheaper than other e-bikes I tried. Customer service was friendly, helpful and very informative especially since this was my first e-bike purchase. I would recommend this bike to anyone wanting to use an e-bike as a form of transport to and from work or just for fun.
Lee Noonan
A really good product and cheaper alternative to the major Bike manufacturers. Very satisfied. Had a problem with the battery after 2 weeks and after returning it was so surprised to have it exchanged straight away. just fantastic.
janine imrie
Great bikes at great price. I have brought 7 one for each member of family. I have not had any problems with any of them. My 84 year old dad loves his as it keeps him independent. I did my homework and found these to be great value for money and were good quality. I would recommend to friends and family

Sunmono Electric Bikes in Perth

Are you in Perth and on the hunt for the best electric bike deals? Sunmono presents an exciting selection of electric bikes in Perth that will meet your needs. Whether you're interested in robust e mountain bikes in Perth or versatile electric bikes, we have a ride just for you.

Explore Our Range

Discover everything Perth offers with commuter and mountain bikes designed to make your journey easier. Sunmono manufactures and sells electric bikes in Perth and across Australia, delivering a healthy and exciting way to explore Perth’s urban sprawl. As the healthy, green alternative to commuting via car, bus, or train, Sunmono ebikes Perth gets you wherever you want to go in style. With less pedal power required, even amateur cyclists can enjoy the city and cover any distance.

If you’re considering trying electric bicycle Perth brands, Sunmono ticks all the boxes. If you want to reduce your commute time or explore new areas, an electric bike is an excellent way to do so.

Our electric bicycles are of high quality and ideal for a variety of activities, such as grocery shopping, meeting friends, attending meetings, or simply sightseeing. With our electric bikes, there are no limits to where you can go or what you can do. Are you ready to explore Perth from a different perspective?

E-Mountain Bikes for Sale in Perth

Sunmono proudly brings you the finest e-mountain bikes for sale in Perth. These bikes are designed to tackle rugged terrain and elevate your outdoor adventures.

Versatile Electric Bikes

If you're looking for something that suits various terrains and needs, our e bikes are the way to go. These bikes are perfect for city commuting or leisurely rides around Perth.

Serving You Nationwide

Sunmono doesn't stop at Perth; we're your one-stop shop for e-bikes all over Australia. Our services extend to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, and other locations. Wondering where to buy the best e-bikes? Sunmono has you covered.

Unbeatable Deals

At Sunmono, we are committed to offering you the best deals on electric bikes. Expect:

  • Cheap prices that won't strain your wallet.
  • Affordable options to cater to every budget.
  • Discounts that make our e-bikes even more appealing.
  • Top-quality products that you can trust.

Buy Your E-Bike Online

Shopping for your e-bike is a breeze on our online store. Order your preferred model, whether a mountain bike or a versatile e-bike, right here on our website. Don't miss our special deals, and experience the convenience of online shopping.

Free Shipping Across Metro Areas 

For orders over $99, we offer free shipping to all metro areas in Australia, including Perth. Please note that this offer excludes E-bikes and large goods, making your purchase even more attractive.

Why Buy Sunmono?

Sunmono is one of the most reputable electric bike manufacturers and sellers in Australia, offering a wide range of electric bikes for sale across Perth. Our products are carefully designed with our customers in mind, ensuring that each bike meets their unique needs and preferences.

Our range includes a variety of e-bikes, from streamlined folding ebikes to premium city bikes and everything in between. Whatever your preference, you're sure to find a bike that you'll love in our collection. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality electric bicycle in Perth, Sunmono is your ideal choice.

Our different selection of bikes is what sets us apart from other brands. If you want to walk away with an e-bike today, we have something that suits your needs and goals. With rugged mountain bikes, food delivery-friendly fast bicycles and even an exclusive electric scooter, our range of electric vehicles get you out in the fresh air. For enhanced wellness and better fitness, swapping your bus pass for pedal assist is a good choice any day of the week.

Shop Electric Bikes Perth

Want to shop for electric bikes in Perth? Sunmono bike shops in Perth will have all you need. Browse our range of different e bike options and electric scooters online today to find the ideal fit for your next Perth adventure.

Whether you’re after something that gets you there quickly or you want to enjoy the journey, Sunmono has the perfect e-bike for you. Check out what’s available in our catalogue, or drop us a line to find out how we can pair you to your perfect bike.

Own a Perth bike shop? Our wholesale option for local stores is an excellent fit for you.

Choose from a range of popular city e-bike models and designs to outfit your shop with the best technology on offer. We can provide anything from a couple of different models of electric bikes in Perth, available to order directly online for your store. Whether you’re going into electric bikes for the first time or looking to expand your brands, Sunmono is a popular addition to any local bike shop.

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