What is an E-Bike?

What is an E-Bike?

If you want to get around the city quicker, cut time off your commute or live a healthier lifestyle, a city e-bike may be the ideal fit for you. A step up from your typical bike or scooter, e-bikes provide the perfect way to go further and do more without relying on a car or public transport. But what is an electric bike, and what are the benefits of investing in this technology? We’ve covered the basics of how e-bikes work below to get you started:

What is an eBike?

An e-bike, or electric bicycle, is a specific bike that integrates an electric motor into its design. This motor supports your pedalling, helping to push the bike forward at a faster rate and lessening the amount of effort you need to put in as well. For example, an electric bike will assist you in climbing a hill by putting added power behind your pedals. Most commonly, e-bikes come with pedelec assistance. Throttle assisted e-bikes are also available, but there are types of electric bike that are closer to motorcycles than your conventional pedal bike.

How do I use an eBike?

eBikes bridge the gap between manual cycling and more powerful vehicles. As such, they don’t quite exceed the limits of where you can use a standard bike. Anywhere you can cycle normally, you can also go with an e-bike. You must follow local cycling rules, regulations, and safety requirements in the same way you would any bike.

The maximum motor output for a typical e-bike is under 250w, with speed limits of under 25kph. If the power of an electric bike exceeds that limit, it is considered a motor vehicle and must be confined to the road. Provided you can ride a bike safely, you can ride an e-bike safely, and there are no additional qualifications or licenses needed to do so. If you’re a little shaky on a normal bike, investing in some lessons or training may be a good idea before you throw additional power into the mix.

How does an eBike work?

Electric bicycles are powered via a battery system, typically using a lithium-ion battery. Once charged, this battery provides power to the motor of the e-bike. This then provides the added assistance when pedalling. Depending on your specific e-bike, the battery on your model may last anything from 50-150km before a full charge is required. In many ways, electric bikes are identical to standard bikes. The only learning curve you may have is in the transition from assisted to non-assisted pedalling.

What kinds of eBike are available?

Much like standard bicycles, there is a wide range of different electric bikes available to choose from on the market. Depending on your particular preference and lifestyle, one bike may be a better fit for you than another:

City eBikes

City e-bikes are often considered the electric bike standard. Whether they are a solid frame or a folding e-bike, these bicycles are built to handle the relatively smooth terrain of roads and cycle lanes. If you live in a city and you’re looking for the ideal commuting bike, or you want a form of transport that’s readily available, then a city e-bike is a solid choice.

Cargo eBikes

Cargo e-bikes offer an additional degree of storage in comparison to a frame-only bike. Storage is usually built into the back of the bike, making it easy to handle. Cargo e-bikes are also a good choice if you have to carry heavy items like tools for your job, or for picking up shopping or even for delivering groceries and food deliveries.

Mountain eBikes

Rugged and robust, a mountain e-bike is built for off-roading. With built-in shock protection, these bikes are a good fit for more rural areas where roads could be pitted or muddy. If you like cycling as a sport, a mountain e-bike may be a good fit for your active lifestyle.

Electric scooters

Not such a fan of pedalling? An electric scooter is created in the same way as an electric bike, with less of a need to balance and pedal at the same time. If you’re looking for easy inner-city transport, an electric scooter can be a convenient and practical option to invest in.

What are the benefits of an electric bike?

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your current transport to an electric bicycle. Here are a few of the positives of using an e-bike to get around:

An easier, faster commute

No more rush hour to contend with means you’ll be able to get to work in plenty of time. Pedal-assist makes hilly or winding commutes easier, which means you’ll get less sweaty on your ride to work, and the ride home will feel far more straightforward, too.

Try out a career in food delivery

Electric bikes are the ideal option for city fast food delivery. In fact, they are so popular than Sunmono offer specific e-bike rentals for delivery drivers. Without the need to wait in traffic or payout for costly petrol, food delivery is a far more accessible career option.

Discover the city in style

Seeing the city from the seat of a bike is an entirely different experience. With the ability to go where you want, you aren’t limited to public transport timetables or accessibility. Hop on your e-bike and go where you want to go to explore the city.

Wellness and fitness for half the work

Cycling and fitness are an excellent duo. Electric bikes reduce the work needed to cycle, which means you go further and spend more time outside. Add that to the fact that e-bikes are far more eco-friendly, and buying an electric bike is a good purchase for you and the planet.

Shop eBikes from Sunmono today

Are you looking to invest in a city e-bike of your own? Shop our range of electric bikes online today to discover the perfect model for your lifestyle. Or, if you’re a bike retailer, check out our wholesale options to stock Sunmono electric bikes in your store. Any questions? Drop us a line, and our friendly team will get back to you.

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