The scooter revolution is here

If you want to get somewhere fast with free, green energy, then an electric scooter is ideal. As a viable and affordable alternative to ebikes, you can buy electric scooters directly from the experts at Sunmono. With extensive experience in electric scooters, bikes and other vehicles, we know what we’re doing when creating battery scooters that do everything you need them to.


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    SUNMONO 8.5" Removeable Battery Folding Electric Scooter (MODEL: S1)
    SUNMONO 8.5" Removeable Battery Folding Electric Scooter (MODEL: S1)
    SUNMONO 8.5" Removeable Battery Folding Electric Scooter (MODEL: S1) $680

    S1–The robust, lightweight and low maintenance folding Electric Scooter from SUNMONO has a 350w brushless front hub drive motor, which delivers a responsive, stable and engaging ride. Both of front electronic brake and rear foot brake provide strong and smooth stopping power. The foldable aluminum frame and bars help make this scooter easy, light and comfortable to commute to work or just explore your surrounds. The effortless folding mechanism is easy for transport either carrying on the train or the bus . The S1 is also designed with waterproofing measures (IP54 waterproof level) to allow the S1 to be operated in wet weather and wet environments. The friendly battery removable design allows you to change and charge battery easier.


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The best choice for shorter commutes or a quick zip around the city, electric scooters for sale in Australia have grown in popularity. With the ability to ride in cycle lanes with high torque and a robust rear wheel, these electric motor scooters are built using high-quality materials to get you where you need to go without a sweat. The scooter revolution is here – are you ready to join in?

Urban exploration made easy

The perfect accompaniment to a city adventure, e scooters are compact and practical even in high-congestion areas. With the option for carrying or pushing in high-traffic sections with ease, getting anywhere at even the busiest time of day is an effortless task. Strap on your backpack, charge up your scooter and go on an adventure. With minimal charging time, you can be zipping around the city and exploring your surroundings effortlessly.

Commuter scooters are fast becoming the de facto way to get around in cities. More affordable than bikes and easier to store in small businesses and offices, scooters are excellent for short ten-to-fifteen-minute commutes that would otherwise cost time and money on petrol vehicles or public transport. If you want to take our commute up a notch, a battery scooter is the way to do it.

The ideal alternative to electric bikes

Wondering whether to buy an electric scooter or opt for an e-bike? As creators of both high-quality electric bikes and innovative electric scooters, Sunmono’s focus is on quality, whatever the transport. We tailor our series’ to the specific needs of our customers and provide a wide selection of options to match any active lifestyle. So if e-bikes aren’t right for you, electric scooters might be the ideal alternative.

If you want to enhance your health, get outside and be on your way, an e scooter Australia company is the best place to start. Sunmono is the expert when it comes to electric scooters, bikes and more. When you choose our products, you’re choosing something with low charging time, exceptional design, and universal functionality. Ready to ride?

See more of the Sunmono range

We aren’t just scooter specialists. With a whole range of city e-bikes on offer, our product range has something for everyone. Why not browse our electric vehicle election online today, or get in touch with our friendly team now for a tailored recommendation of our high-quality products. We’re always here to help find the best solution for our customers’ needs.


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