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Equal parts functional and powerful, a cargo bike is a perfect solution for anyone that needs the extra space that a standard city e-bike can’t provide. With ample space to store belongings, carry shopping or work deliveries, our electric cargo bikes series is the best of both worlds. The quality and style you’d expect from Sunmono, with the additional functionality and capacity that other e-bike brands simply can’t deliver.


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    E-MONO 20" Electric Cargo Bike SE-20B01
    E-MONO 20" Electric Cargo Bike SE-20B01
    E-MONO 20" Electric Cargo Bike SE-20B01 $2,299$2,495

    This electric cargo bike is the perfect bike for running errands around town. Built around a lightweight aluminium-alloy long-tail frame. The bike comes with a rear rack suitable for mounting a large shopping crate, saddlebags or an optional child seat. This makes the Electric Cargo Bike one of the most adaptable machines for busy families.

    The bike is driven by a high-torque 250w brushless electric motor. This gives a top speed of 25 km/h on the public road. But speeds of up to 32 km/h can be achieved off-road. Power for the motor is provided by two Samsung 48v 15.5Ah batteries, which provide up to 100km of range on full electric mode and up to 120km in PAS mode.

    The motor is controlled by a handlebar-mounted thumb accelerator and a multi-function LCD. This provides a 5 level pedal assist for the motor allowing the rider to make short work of hills even when the bike is fully loaded. And the bike can be easily slowed down thanks to its front and rear disc brakes 180/160mm.

Designed as an addition to our range of electric mountain bikes and city e-bikes, our cargo e-bike is robust and practical for day-to-day use. The sturdy nature of its design makes it effortless to travel miles across the city, whether you’re commuting home or out delivering for popular takeaway services. A solid framework keeps any items secure, no matter how delicate or breakable, allowing you to enjoy the ride without fear of damage, thanks to a stable carbon frame and rear shock inclusion.

Why choose a cargo ebike?

As the ideal happy medium between an expensive car and more basic transport, a battery integrated electric cargo bike Australia model provides all the freedom of cycling with the added ease of use that a motor and battery offer. Travelling across the city will take half the time and effort, allowing you to make the most of your day. With pedal assist and full suspension, even uneven ground or steep inclines are effortless to handle as you traverse the urban environment.

Whether you have a short daily commute or plan to get your mileage in through delivery work, a performance line cargo e-bike can make getting from A to B a far easier task. With less fatigue and less time spent getting there, you’re free to spend more time on what you want. Whether it’s fitting in a few extra jobs or starting your commute fifteen minutes later, an electric mountain bike complete with additional cargo space can provide endless freedom.

Why choose Sunmono?

When it comes to folding e-bikes, city e-bikes and every other kind of motorised bike and scooter, we’re the experts. Our number one goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience wherever they happen to be riding. With high-quality products, a wide range of different e-bike options and a focus on reliability and versatility, we’re the number one choice for electric cargo bikes in Australia. We want to get you out and about and enjoying what the city has to offer.

Want to try us out? Our e-bike rental services are the perfect way to check out what our bikes can do. Or browse our other electric mountain bikes, city bikes and more online now to discover a whole world of motorised travel. From short commutes to all day in the pedals, we’ve got the perfect match for your lifestyle in our series of e-bikes. Style, comfort, and practicality – what’s not to like?


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