E-Bike Hire

SUNMONO E-BIKE Pty Ltd is committed to providing great hire option to riders looking to use E-bikes for work and play. We are the manufacturer, importer and distributor located in Sydney, Australia to provide a simple and compelling offer for electric bicycles. We are confident that you won’t find another offering that compares across value and quality in Australia.

Please Contact Us Via Email For e-Bikes Booking or Inquiry.

Option for Long-Term Hire (Sydney Only)
(Suit for Uber eat / Delivery Zoo / Food/Restaurant delivery Driver)
  • Months Rent — $10.99 / Day
  • Battery endurance to 50km
  • Included: Lights,  Charger
  • $350 Bond Deposit
  • 100 Point Identification Check Required
Option for Short-Term Hire (Sydney Only)
(Suit for Tourist or Short-day Tester)
  • 1 Month Rent — $79 / wk
  • Included: Lights, Charger
  • $400 Bond Deposit
  • 100 Point Identification Check Required

Explore the city on your terms

For our Sydney based customers, straight-out purchase of your first city e-bike isn’t a requirement to enjoy everything that Sunmono has to offer. With exclusive electric scooter and e-bike rental services, you can get to know us better before you take the plunge of purchasing.

With options for both short and long-term hire, we have plenty of choices to suit every kind of traveller. Perhaps you want to test out whether a folding e-bike would be suited to your commute, or maybe you want to enjoy the novelty of exploring the city by bike with friends on your next visit.

Short-term rental services

For some, buying an e-bike is impractical. Whether you don’t know if you’d get used out of this mode of transport or you’re in the city temporarily, purchasing isn’t always the ideal option. Our short-term hires are the perfect way to get to grips with what Sunmono e-bikes have to offer. If you’d like to rent an electric bike in Sydney for a day out, a short trial, or even for a specific event, our short-term rentals are the ideal choice.

With prices starting at just $79 for the week, you can discover Sydney without the costly expense of taxis or private car hire. With no need to wait for parking, travel on congested roads or get stuck in rush hour, you can explore the city to the fullest.

Long-term rental solutions

Alongside our short-term rental plans, we also offer long-term solutions that perfectly suit many of our Sydney-based customers. If you aren’t ready to commit to owning a city e-bike, opting for our affordable $10.99 per day rate can provide you with great transport without the long-term responsibility. A popular choice for delivery drivers, our long-term hires offer the perfect way to get around the city in good time.

As the manufacturer, importer, and distributor, you won’t need to go through a third-party business to access Sunmono technology. With us, what you see is what you get – and we’ll always provide the best-quality rentals to make your job easier.


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